Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Add a touch of GEEK to your home

Our newest products this week are all about getting in tough with your inner GEEK. We all did Science at school, and you either loved it or hated it. For those of you that know me personally you will understand why I could resist including these gems in my range of decor.

Two different types of products are available:

1) Beakers and conical (or Erlenmeyer) flasks, and
2) Reagent bottles

These vessels can be used as vases for flowers, plant cuttings, terrariums, storage containers, or simply display as is on a shelf.

All of these items are genuine laboratory grade glassware, but are all BRAND NEW so there is no chance of them having been previously used in a lab and contaminated with any nasties.

To see the full range of laboratory glassware vases and vessels available at Room to Decorate - click here.

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